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As educators, we always talk about our "why".  So here's mine:

To keep and share the awesome resources that I have collected - and continue to collect - from the wonderful people who inspire me every day.  From my online PLN to my colleagues at school, there are so many great resources that get lost.


As an LGBTQ Canadian educator, married to a Mexican-American woman, diversity teaching is embedded in who I am as an educator.  However, I realize that it is not the case for so many people.  I believe that diversity education is not achieved through a singular approach but by integrating it day-to-day, which aligns well with my belief that the SDGs and STEAM need to be as well.  

I hope that this site will be helpful to other educators who share in my passions that teaching the SDGs and STEAM is the way of the future and that diversity teaching is necessary to create a more empathetic and positive world.

Thanks for coming by, and I hope you enjoy the site.  If you'd like to drop me a  comment or contribute to the site, please check out the box below to get in touch. 

Lastly, do come back.  This site will be ever-changing and updated frequently, to keep up with current resources.  If you'd like updates when we have multiple new additions, please sign up here.

The "Why"

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