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The Sustainability Development Goals


the Good Life Goals


Need more info on the SDGs and Good Life Goals? 

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Library of Resources

This ready-to-use resource links you to easy to use posters, sketches and information about each of the SDGs.  Great for getting started or sprucing up your space!


Moveable Good Life Goals and SDGs

No printer? Being earth friendly? Need to see all the targets of the SDGs and GLGs at once? This free resource will help you to look at them all together!


Resources for the Good Life Goals

Here you will find all the animated gifs, emojis, printable posters, resources, sources of, and manuals you need for the Good Life Goals.  ​

Printable Resources

AI for SDGs

This site has over 200 linked projects that are dedicated to how AI is being used to solve each individual SDG.  A great resource for showing how technology is improving our world!

Shared by: BiteSized SDGs

The Global Goals

THE site for the SDGs!  Each goal has targets under each and are broken down on this site.  Plus, there are articles, projects, videos, and more, to support each one.  A great resource for all your SDG needs!


From the UN

An explanation of all the SDGs by the UN.  This site has all the pertinent nitty-gritty information you need.  Plus, they break down each goal with an infographic overview, upcoming events, publications, and news.  


A website with a Netflix-like layout with lessons that tie the SDGs into all areas of curriculum (including wellbeing).  You can curate your own list of lessons and contribute your own lessons.  


World's Largest Lesson

A plethora of lessons dedicated providing vetted resources to teachers and students to focus on particular SDGs.  They are partnered with UNICEF and UNESCO, plus many other organizations.


The Changemakers Classroom

This Canadian site has themed months dedicated to different SDGs, with lists of goals, facts, teaching ideas, challenges, and documentaries.

Lesson Resouces

The Global Write

A great resource for weekly writing.  A writing prompt, along with a video, tied to an SDG and/or current world issues is posted weekly.  Students post their work on a variety of platforms to share globally.  (wakelet, Buncee)


SDGs for Children

This site has all kinds of great resources for kids and adults.  Their inspirational projects are linked to even more resources - linked here!


Climate Action Project

Join the participants of this project either as a facilitator or a classroom (or both!) over a 6 week journey to learn climate change and create real life solutions to it.  The project is ends with famous guest speakers and leaders in sustainability.  

Special Projects
Sustainable Lifestyle challenge.png

Sustainable Lifestyle

Want a challenge?  Here you can find several challenges for each of the 6 identified sustainable living areas, for all age groups: zero waste, food, carbon footprint, cosmetics, fashion and water.  

Environment america.PNG

Environmental Challenges

Need some great ideas? Here are 50 of them!  

Chalk full of project ideas AND the links to the details!


SDG Games: Lesson  Resources & site for Kids

Created by, students create virtual games for the SDGs, complete with a " Choose Your Own Adventure" style story introduction  & a Forms evaluation.


Comics United

Want some engaging reading for your class? These beautiful comics - some of which have been illustrated by Stan Lee himself!- bring SDG issues to life with superheros for the planet!


Comic Posters

This amazing cartoonist and author created single-page posters (and a ready-to-use ppt) illustrating each of the SDGs.  A fun and engaging addition to your classroom, for any age!

Authored by: Margreet DeHeer

Compass Education

Compass Education offers courses for teachers to learn about how to integrate Sustainability into their schools.  The tools offered through their courses are invaluable for both thinking and designing in a sustainable way.  



Want to connect on a global scale? Join the fight for the SDGs by becoming a UN Teach SDG ambassador.  You will be connected with other educators around the world to share resources and  collaborate. 


SDG Certificate Courses

EdX has a myriad of courses, but it also has ones specifically aimed at the SDGs.  Earn certificates in courses designed by Harvard, MIT, Boston university, and more.  

Professional Development
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