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Est. Jan 2021

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SDGs, Diversity & STEAM

The Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) are the 17 goals put forth by the UN in 2015 to tackle the most significant issues facing the planet and humankind today. The goal is that every member country (and their citizens!) will reach these goals in their own way.  

Our way at TIA Education is two-fold.  The first essential piece is to develop an understanding and appreciation of each other to work together efficiently, across nations, religions, races, sexual orientations, abilities, and gender expressions.

Then, with an understanding and appreciation of each other, the second piece can be used as the ultimate solution:


Being skilled at science, technology, engineering, art, and math doesn't start in adulthood.  It begins in classrooms worldwide, where teachers are laying the foundations for the skills necessary for future leaders: critical thinking, systems analysis, innovation and creativity.


This won't happen over a lesson or two. 

It will require a transformational shift in thinking and a new approach to education.  

We believe that by using the SDGs and STEAM as the basis, educators build future leaders. And, to be effective, future leaders need to be able to see themselves in anyone, no matter any differences between them.  


We hope that those three elements will come together to create a drive and empathy in students AND educators to be their best selves, for themselves and the earth.  This starts in the classroom and, for educators, with awesome resources.

This Is exactly what we hope to be a part of here -

an Awesome Education,

for me, you, our students and the planet.

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