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Random lesson plans, teaching resources, organizations or professional development worth sharing


PBS Lesson

A great lesson to study and learn about the inspiring poem written by Amanda Gorman for the inauguration of the 46th president.


Shared by: Tara Desiderio

Same Here

A wonderful organization that offers programs for mental health awareness.  They also partner with to do panels with mental health experts.

Shared by: Eric Kussin

Centre for Imagination in Research and Culture

Connect with leaders in imagination, participate in action research, or read articles about creativity in learning and education.

Shared by: Gillian Judson

Links for Math(s)

A library of Math(s) resources to help you resource your lessons quickly and efficiently.  Lots of British-based resources but useful for anyone!

Shared by: Marischen Neefs

Social Studies Binder

This virtual binder contains the largest amount of Social Studies resources we've ever seen!

Shared by: Gabe Valdez

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