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The Compass

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I've taken this fantastic course that has truly transformed my thinking. It looks at the world through the interconnectedness of four aspects: Economy, Wellbeing, Nature, and Society. It emphasizes that nothing escapes the 'domino effect' and that no system exists in solitude. Not me, not you, nor the decisions we make - or fail to make.

I find the concept of a compass comforting. It gives direction & everyone needs that in life because it's easy to get lost and lose your way. But a compass can help right your path if you use it correctly.

The Compass tool works just like that. It helps to direct and shape your way of thinking. I am completely guilty of making snap decisions or opinions without looking at the whole picture. But, using the Compass as a thinking tool has helped me to deepen my perspective. It's helped me mature in my thinking and helped me look at the world with a more critical eye and better consider systems working together to see why -or why not- things work. Or how things move forward - or don't.

I know this all sounds emotional for a tool designed to help develop thinking skills in teachers and students, but that's why I think it is so important. It changes your perspective of how you think.

This transformation in thinking is part of the motivation for this website. The goal is to help move people - and myself - forward in our approach to the world. To help share the idea that STEM and the SDGs are the future of education. That innovation, creativity, and passion need to be on display and encouraged. That diversity shouldn't divide us, that it should be celebrated and part of what strengthens us. If we can foster and celebrate all these elements, then perhaps we can get to a place where all things' interconnectedness doesn't spell our demise but our prosperity as a planet.

I am hoping that this site can be a tiny piece of that global journey. I want to provide a place for like-minded people to find resources to help them on their way and make life a little easier. We all need things to be a little easier these days, don't we? So, I hope that people can take what is here, use it and think, "Yes, This IS Awesome Education".

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